When the stresses of daily life begin to weigh you down, it may be time to book a getaway vacation. However, whether you're traveling by yourself, taking your family on a group holiday, or simply spending some time with your significant other, it's important to access the best deals. From maximizing your discounts to finding local deals, here are 7 ways to save money on vacation.

1.) Be Flexible

Flexibility is a great way to lower your expenses from the very beginning of your holiday. Whether in regards to the dates that you have decided to travel, or the cities you considered visiting while on vacation, being flexible allows you to take advantage of the best deals. Look at what's available during the time of your vacation and let the offers inspire your itinerary.

2.) Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a wonderful way to keep hunger pangs at bay and prevent you from purchasing costly meals during your adventures. Trying the local cuisine can be great, but eating at a restaurant for every meal will quickly consume a large portion of your budget, even with discounts and vouchers. Pick up some cereal, fruit, and ingredients for sandwiches, and you can potentially save cash on two out of three meals in the day.

3.) Talk To Your Concierge

Discovering the inside scoop by speaking to your concierge about upgrades and deals is a great way to get more for your money. Remember, the deals you find don't have to be limited to within your hotel. Sometimes a good concierge can give you tips for where to get discounts at family restaurants, or entertainment locations that allow kids in for free.

4.) Download Apps

Downloading popular applications can provide discounts, but remember that there are a lot of lesser-known free applications available that could help you save money too. If you're on vacation alone or with your partner, then you can track down the best happy hour spots for a night out, and if you're with children, you can look for kids eat free meals.

5.) Check Out Discount Websites

There are currently a number of discount websites available that allow you to input your location and find deals specifically around you. If you can, sign up a few weeks before you go on holiday, so you can gather some coupons for local attractions and top dining areas.

6.) Use Local Transportation

Learn the local transport and you'll save tons of money on unnecessary cab fares. You can usually get some help regarding this from the front desk of your hotel, and you'll usually find that there's a bus or tram available to get you just about anywhere you want to go.

7.) Budget

Saving up and budgeting your days before you go is potentially the best way to save cash on vacation. If you've put away a certain amount of money, divide it up for each day of your holiday, and make sure that you do not allow yourself to go over the budget by making unnecessary purchases. This will prevent you from splashing out on souvenirs that you'll regret buying later.