It's no secret that there is money to be made in the trucking industry; the question is how much. When you're making plans for a career as a truck driver, the different types of jobs and your potential salary are important factors to take into consideration. The fact is that a career in trucking can take on many different directions. The more specialized you are in your industry, the more money there is to be had. So, it's important to understand the many directions CDL truck driver jobs and salaries can take.

Types of Truck Driving Jobs

It would literally be impossible to list every type of truck driving job you could train for. Needless to say, there are many that can range from very simple to extremely complicated. Here are a few of the possibilities you might want to think about.

Pulling a Dry Van: This is probably the most common type of truck driver in the industry and is a perfect starting job for a newbie which usually entails pulling a 53 ft. trailer loaded with non-perishable goods. These jobs are probably the easiest to get and they have the least amount of requirements. They offer a perfect way to get in the door of a good company.

Hauling Refrigerated Freight: These jobs entail pulling air-conditioned freight that could include anything that must be kept at a low temperature. They require a higher level of responsibility as the driver not only has to handle the truck and all of the associated equipment but they must also be able to manage the refrigeration units to protect the perishable goods they are transporting.

Container Haulers: These are jobs where metal containers full of goods are transported to either train stations or shipping ports. They can contain anything from the very basic of supplies to the most complicated.

Heavy Equipment Hauler: For the higher paying jobs, hauling heavy equipment is at the top of the line. These jobs offer a great deal more challenges and responsibility as you haul highly expensive equipment across the country. If you plan to apply for this job, make sure that you fully understand the seriousness of the undertaking so that you don't find yourself in major trouble down the road. These jobs can be very specialized, which means that each position will have its own unique requirements that you will have to follow.

Other possible trucking positions include Freight Haulers, Hauling Flat Beds, Pulling a Low Boy, Tanker, Bull Haulers, Auto Haulers, Household Movers, LTL Freight, and more.

Commercial Driving Salaries

Just as there are many different types of jobs that a truck driver can do, there is also a wide range of salaries to choose from. The fact is that CDL truck driver jobs and salaries are often determined by the trucker's level of experience, the extent of the responsibility he has to take on, and the amount of time he will have to dedicate to a particular job. Many are paid on an hourly wage that can vary from an entry-level position at around $15.50/hr to more than $20.00+/hr for years of experience. In addition as a trucker you can expect to get a certain amount for each mile you drive. Clearly, the possibilities for CDL truck driver jobs and salaries are well worth all the effort it may take to get the needed training to get started.