Whether you're setting up a home office, or starting a brand new company, it's important to know how to find cheap office furniture. Desks, chairs, lamps, tables, and organization products can range in price from the affordable to the outrageous. Knowing where and how to get the best deal can save you in start-up costs, and provide you with quality gear for years to come.

Check Online

One of the top methods for any business owner wondering how to find cheap office furniture is the internet. This handy tool can provide you with access to discount suppliers which sell these products far below the standard price point. In some cases, the items are priced lower because they are out of season, discontinued, or from a set which has been separated. Generally, they are all still in good working order, and brand new and still in packaging.

Another perk to online shopping is that you can easily scan products from a number of suppliers in a matter of minutes. Even if you are still buying from a brick an mortar store, the website may offer insight as to the best rated item at the lowest price.

Follow Sales

Flyers are not a thing of the past. In fact, many individuals now receive their flyers directly to smartphones and tablets via applications. This keeps you in the loop in regards to new sales and discounts, and easily answers the question of how to find cheap office furniture.

While these products rotate regularly, the best time to shop for office fixtures is during the annual clearance sales. Most companies will clear out last year's stock as they roll into a new year. Anything which isn't sold at regular value will be reduced, and prices can get quite low.

Buy Used

Not only is there a huge untapped resource in used furniture stores, but you can also find many discounted office items through liquidation sales as companies go out of business or close shop in certain locations. Companies, which no longer need their equipment and are not shipping them to a new location, may sell everything for far below cost; think about it as a corporate garage sale.

Using online buy and sell sites, which allow businesses and individuals to post their used office products, can also supply you with some new or barely used items for cheap. One of the great perks about buying used is that you get the opportunity to haggle.

Ask Around

Perhaps one of the least considered avenues for hunting down the best deals in town is asking other local businesses or personal contacts for leads. Chances are, as long as you aren't competing directly with another business for sales, they will be happy to share insight on their own suppliers, especially if it means a kickback for them as a referrer.

Asking through social media can also provide some interesting avenues you may not have thought of. Sometimes thinking outside of the box can produce the best results in terms of hot deals and killer discounts.