Birds are wonderful creatures that help our planet and are enjoyable to watch. However, they can also damage roofs, gardens, pavements, and tiles. As a result, a lot of people look for bird control devices, which seem to be becoming increasingly high tech. What you need to find is a device that works for you and your home, and this tends to be found in bird control spikes. Let's take a look at why these spikes are so much better than any other device, no matter how high tech it is.

The Benefits of Bird Control Spikes:

Most bird control spikes measure a foot in length. Their primary goal is to stop birds from being able to perch in certain places. This is something that vultures, crows, pigeons, and seagulls often do. They will land on pavements, patios, rooftops, and porches and then cause a number of inconveniences for people.

A great benefit of these spikes is that they are classed as safe bird repellents. Because the birds won't actually come into contact with the spikes, they are simply diverted away and encouraged to find a more suitable place to perch. While birds are nice, you don't really want them to take up residence in your rain gutters, ledges, walls, and roofs.

You will usually see spikes in city establishments and coastal areas, where there tend to be more feral birds. Those birds tend to be larger as well. Not only do they perch, they also leave unsightly feathers and discharges.

Spikes can also be used on other animals, including raccoons, snakes, and squirrels, all of which often try to enter properties. You can even get electrified bird spikes, which are not dissimilar to electric fences. In some countries, including the United Kingdom, electric spikes are banned, because they are not friendly to the animals, actually hurting, harming, and potentially killing them.

What Spikes to Avoid:

It is not recommended to use spikes with sharp tips. These are dangerous not just to the animals, but also to humans. This is why you should search for blunt tipped models instead. They are as efficient as their sharper counter parts for birds. Unfortunately, they are not as effective in the protection of land animals, including mice and squirrels. Hence, you need to consider what you are actually trying to keep out of your property.

For homeowners and commercial properties alike, animals and birds can do untold damage to their properties. Rain gutters are often clogged up with feathers, and bird droppings litter the roads and pavements. These leave disgusting marks on the rooftops as well. Plus, these bird droppings can carry dangerous diseases like Avian Flu, Western Nile Virus, or Histoplasmosis, causing a significant risk to public health. This means that keeping birds away is about more than the visual appeal.

If you feel that your life is being invaded by birds, then spikes may just be the best option for you. It is a safe, humane method of keeping birds away, encouraging them to find more appropriate habitats. And, in so doing, you will also keep your family safe from various diseases.