Originally founded in 1917 by a collection of automobile dealers who were determined to one day lower the luxury tax on cars, trucks, and vans, NADA refers to the National Automobile Dealers Association. When it first arrived into the world, NADA was established as part of an attempt to protect the interests of car dealers throughout the United States. It began when a group of dealerships got together in 1917 to approach the US Government and attempt to alleviate some of the high taxes that were most commonly imposed on luxury vehicles. When their petition was successful, the NADA evolved into a permanent organization that hoped to regulate fair values for automobiles throughout the country.

NADA vehicle values represent around 17,000 different truck and new car dealers, both from an international and domestic perspective, and encompassed within that are around 37,500 franchises. Many people consider the organization to be far more than a blue book containing a small category of vehicles. Rather, NADA values offer information on everything from classic cars, to ATVs, boats, RVs, trucks and motorcycles.

The Impact of NADA

Obviously, NADA vehicle values are particularly useful to individuals hoping to buy or sell a new automobile. The NADA guide is one of the most popular and famous valuation sources in the United States, which once existed solely to alleviate taxes and list prices for dealership. The group took their values online in 2000, allowing dealerships to learn exactly how much a new car should be sold for.

The listings that the NADA guide provides are generated entirely from dealership databases which work to log each vehicle sold throughout dealerships in the United States. From that point, the log is used in future reference when similar vehicles are purchased – allowing for a consistent price across the country. Because the NADA guide works primarily with newer vehicles, the values listed are often higher. In fact, many people find that the values listed in the NADA guide are higher when compared to other sources online, but this is because the guide pertains to new vehicles. The high value is determined according to the average price of vehicles that have been sold wholesale throughout the country.

Getting a Guide

It's possible to buy your own NADA guide from the link on the website entitled "Buy a Guide". However, it's worth noting that the NADA book automatically updates prices monthly, so as to keep dealers and individuals up to date with the latest vehicle values. In some cases, while the guide is ideal for pricing, it may not be able to assess some of the unique additions that people make to their vehicles, such as stereo equipment and customizations, and these modifications will have an impact on your overall value.

The NADA vehicle values online tool provides a fantastic source of assistance in selling and buying cars, and gives users the opportunity to list the condition of the vehicle, to adjust value and price. In other words, NADA can be used to deliver a highly accurate quote for individuals and dealers.